About First Thing Monday

First Thing Monday is a complimentary E-Newsletter from AMR Research and this companion blog. 

For the newsletter, AMR Research’s Chief Research Officer Bruce Richardson, every week, examines the enterprise software market, including in-depth examination of the players and trends shaping the future of business technology.  It also includes highlights of AMR Research reports and articles for the week (some for free) with analysis of breaking news and trends in the industries we cover and their technology and service providers. With more than 35,000 subscribers (and growing) and reaching people in more than 95 countries, it’s the must-read newsletter for anyone following the software industry.

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In this blog, Bruce expands upon the ideas expressed in the newsletter, explores new areas, and responds to your feedback. If you haven’t already signed up for the newsletter, please do so here. Remember, it’s free.

And be sure to check out our other complimentary E-Newsletters and blogs, including AMR Research CEO Tony Friscia’s bi-weekly Above the Noise, in which he takes an executive view of the operations and technology worlds, and Chain Reaction with Kevin O’Marah, a examination of our global economy and how operations executives need to navigate it.

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